Leba Bovard (née Karpin) 1917-1976, remembered as one of the 20th Century Australian Women Painters.

"Spectrum Indigo" 83 cm x 64 cm Acrylic

20th Century Australian Artist

Awarded city scholarship to National Art School (East Sydney Technical College) 1933 after Fort St Girls High.

Began to reach striking artistic maturity from early 1970s with vigorous abstract expressionism.

Died unexpectedly in her prime with her potential not completely developed. Remembered for her passionate commitment to her painting practice and teaching art.

Contemporary of Sydney Artists: John Coburn (1925 - 2006),
Margaret Coen (1909 - 1993), Penny Meagher (1935 - 1995).

Australian Woman Artist

Undertook Illustration major in 1930s but discontinued for financial reasons.

Worked as commercial artist and dress designer in The Great Depression (illustration and fashion illustration catalogues have been lodged with the Powerhouse Museum Sydney Australia).

Manpowered during World War II (WWII) to Hydraulics Office as cartographer then became a registered nurse.

Australian Female Painter

After 20 years, she took up painting and drawing again in the 1950s, then went back to formal studies and under adverse conditions (child born 1948) completed NAS in 1962, with a major in painting.

Exhibited watercolours, oils and acrylics; landscapes and portraits in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Portrait photo in header taken 1961
Images shown are examples of her mature work
Field Day

"Field Day" 72 cm x 92 cm Acrylic on Canvas

Homage to Stravinsky

"Homage to Stravinsky" 1971
4 ft x 6ft 10" (122 x 212 cm) - Acrylic on Board

Morning Shower

"Morning Shower" 86 cm x 66 cm Acrylic

Concrete Canyons

"Concrete Canyons" or "High Rise Jungle" 1974
3½ x 5½ ft (103 x 166 cm) - Acrylic on Board


"Ulysses" 32" x 38" (76 x 91 cm) Oil on Board

"Through the Looking Glass" 4 x 6 ft (121 x 182 cm).
Restoration currently in progress.

"Ancestral Spirits" acrylic on board 5 ft 5" x 4 ft 2" (166 x 128 cm)

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