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Please enjoy the content of this art website about modernist painter Bovard, Australian.

I think it is important to remember women's contribution to conceptual art history in modernism so that their achievements are not erased and are available for others to view and research.

Art Context

Leba constructed a career in-between the 'High Art' of Painting, for which she wished to be recognised, and the 'low' arts (as they were known at the time) of the commercial world: the art of textiles (dressmaking and millinery, and printing on fabric), as well as the sub-discipline of graphic design.

In the modernist / post modernist period, the graphic arts were/are applauded and referenced in the careers of Pop Art painters such as - see Martin Sharp, Australia; Andy Warhol, USA and Roy Lichtenstein, USA.

In 2009, the divide between the 'art/craft of textiles' and the high art of painting area has been re-configured and, in some cases, conflated; these two genres are now considered acceptable as "hybrid" and "interconnected" (see 'the art of textiles' new theoretical developments and migrant, minority and female 'soft sculpture' or installation art which references the domestic arts as a metaphor in various ways).

Dr. Lycia Trouton DCA

Conceptual Artist - Curator for Leba Bovard Website

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